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Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine

If you are trying to use Voice Activation by pressing the Listen key (Scroll Lock) and receive the following error message:

"Speech Input is not available in English."

The Speech Recognition Engine is required if you want Microsoft Agent to support speech recognition.  Due to the download size of the Speech Recognition Engine, it was decided not to include it as a part of MASH, but as a separate download.

Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine (English) (6MB)

The Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine does not support dictation, but is used to interact with users through defined command phrases.

Startup Error

If you receive one of the following error messages when starting MASH:

"A required .DLL, MSVBVM60.DLL, was not found."
"The file 'OLEAUT32.DLL' is out of date. This program requires a newer version."

Then please install MASH FULL SETUP or the Visual Basic 6.0 Run-Time from the Download page and restart your computer.