download MASH FULL SETUP 7.5 MB.  Includes MASH, Visual Basic 6.0 Run-Time, Microsoft Agent 2.0, Lernout & Hauspie TruVoice TTS English, Microsoft Speech Control Panel, Microsoft's "Genie" character, and all required support files.

Designed for Windows XP/2000/Me/98/NT4


Download MASH MINI SETUP  2.5 MB.2.5 MB.  Includes MASH only.  For those who already have Microsoft Agent installed or have used MASH previously.

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 Agent Characters

Agent Characters Character Gallery

 Additional Text-to-Speech (TTS) Engines

Lernout & Hauspie TTS Engines

Lernout & Hauspie TTS3000 Engines for additional languages may be downloaded from the table below.  You need to download and install both the TTS Engine and the Language Add-On.

Example: To install French Text-to-Speech, you should download and run both the lhttsfrf.exe and agtx040C.exe files listed below.

Language TTS Engine
(2-3 MB)
Language Add-On
(128 KB)
American English American English tv_enua.exe already installed
British English British English lhttseng.exe already installed
Dutch Dutch lhttsdun.exe agtx0413.exe
French French lhttsfrf.exe agtx040C.exe
German German lhttsged.exe agtx0407.exe
Italian Italian lhttsiti.exe agtx0410.exe
Japanese Japanese lhttsjpj.exe agtx0411.exe
Korean Korean lhttskok.exe agtx0412.exe
Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Brazil) lhttsptb.exe agtx0416.exe
Russian Russian lhttsrur.exe agtx0419.exe
Spanish Spanish lhttsspe.exe agtx0C0A.exe

Microsoft TTS Engines

Mary - Female Voice (English) 2.3MB

Mike - Male Voice (English) 2.4MB

Sam - Male Voice (English) 2.1MB

Microsoft Agent can be used with any SAPI 4.0 compatible TTS Engine, including versions of ATT Natural Voices, IBM ViaVoice, Digalo, Elan Speech, and more.  However, support for SAPI 5.0 is not currently supported.

 Speech Recognition Engine (English)

The Speech Recognition Engine is required if you want Microsoft Agent to support speech recognition.  Due to the download size of the Speech Recognition Engine, it was decided not to include it as a part of MASH, but as a separate download.

Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine (English) (6MB)

The Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine does not support dictation, but is used to interact with users through defined command phrases.