DeskBot is a freeware, multi-featured Clipboard Reader, Text Reader, Time Announcer, Desktop Application for Microsoft Windows featuring Microsoft Agent Animated, Talking Characters. For use with Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista.

Whats New

2007-09-29 - DeskBot 2.6 Released [Download Now]


Accessible: Ability to select any text in any application and press Ctrl+C to have it read.  Right-Click Character or on the DeskBot icon in the System Tray for a popup menu of available commands and options.

Read Clipboard:  Read the contents of the Windows Clipboard when changed, by pressing Ctrl+C from any application, or when character is double-clicked.

Announce Time:  Announce the current Time at selected intervals.

Read Text:   Text Files, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets

Startup Greetings:  For a personal touch.

Customizable:  Select your favorite Character, TTS (Text-to-Speech) Engine, Language, Voice, Pitch, Speed, Balloon Font, Balloon Style and more.

Startup Options:  Start with Windows, Hide in Tray.

Internet Explorer Menu Add-In:  DeskBot adds a 'Read with DeskBot' item to the Internet Explorer popup menu (when you right-click on a web page).  The character, voice, language, balloon, and other advanced options can be customized.


System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP


  DeskBot Full Setup includes all required components:
DeskBot, Microsoft Agent 2.0, Lernout & Hauspie Text-to-Speech Engine (English),
and Microsoft's Genie character.


  DeskBot Minimum Setup is provided if you are already using other Microsoft Agent applications.

Additional Characters and Voices

Additional Microsoft Agent Characters

Additional Voices/Languages/Text-to-Speech Engines

Mailing List

Please join the DeskBot Mailing List to be notified of updates.



Uninstalling DeskBot

Uninstall "DeskBot" from the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs listing.


Please use Problem Report form to help report any software problems.

Thank you for your continued comments and suggestions.

Gordon Scott Bell